Highlighted Publications

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Child Abuse and Neglect

Freisthler, B. (under review). Exploring the relationship between levels of alcohol use, alcohol outlet density and child physical abuse. Child Abuse and Neglect.

Freisthler, B. & Gruenewald, P.J. (under review). Where the individual meets the ecological: A study of parent drinking patterns, alcohol outlets and child physical abuse. Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research

Freisthler, B. & Holmes, M.R. Explicating the social mechanisms linking the ecology of alcohol use behaviors to child maltreatment. Accepted for publication, March 2012. Journal of Sociology and Social Welfare.

Freisthler, B., Kepple, N.J., & Holmes, M.R. The geography of drug market activities and child maltreatment. Accepted for publication, March 2012. Child Maltreatment

Freisthler, B., Gruenewald, P.J., Remer, L.G., Lery, B. & Needell, B. (2007). Exploring the spatial dynamics of alcohol outlets and Child Protective Services referrals, substantiations, and foster care entries. Child Maltreatment, 12, 114-124.

Freisthler, B., Merritt, D.H. & LaScala, E.A. (2006). Understanding the ecology of child maltreatment: A review of the literature and directions for future research. Child Maltreatment, 11(3), 263-280.

Freisthler, B., Midanik, L.T., & Gruenewald, P.J. (2004). Alcohol outlets and child physical abuse and neglect:  Applying routine activities theory to the study of child maltreatment. Journal of Studies on Alcohol, 65(5), 586-592.

Substance Use Environment and Related Problems

Kepple, N.J. & Freisthler, B. Exploring the ecological association between crime and medical marijuana dispensaries. Accepted for publication, February 2012. Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs.

Freisthler, B., Byrnes, H., & Gruenewald, P.J. (2009). Alcohol outlet density, parental monitoring, and youth deviance: A multilevel analysis. Children and Youth Services Review, 31, 325-330.

Freisthler, B., Gruenewald, P.J. Ring, L. & LaScala, E.A. (2008). An ecological assessment of the population and environmental correlates of childhood accident, assault and child abuse injuries. Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research, 32(11), 1969-1975.

Freisthler, B., LaScala, E.A., Gruenewald, P.J. & Treno, A.J. (2005). An examination of drug activity: Effects of neighborhood social organization on the development of drug distribution systems. Substance Use and Misuse 40(5), 671-686.

Environmental Interventions

Freisthler, B., Kepple, N.J., Sims, R., & Martin, S.E. Evaluating medical marijuana dispensary policies: Spatial methods for the study of environmentally-based interventions. Accepted for publication, April 2012, American Journal of Community Psychology.

Spatial Econometrics and GIS

Freisthler, B. Need for and access to supportive services in the Child Welfare System. Online First August 25, 2011, GeoJournal.

Freisthler, B. & Weiss, R.E. (2008). Using Bayesian space-time models to understand the substance use environment and risk for being referred to Child Protective Services. Substance Use & Misuse Special Issue, 43(2), 239-251.

Craun, S.W. & Freisthler, B. (2008). Using tax parcels to select a location-based sample: An illustration that examines residents’ knowledge of sex offenders in the neighborhood. Evaluation Review, 32, 314-334.

Freisthler, B., Lery, B., Gruenewald, P.J., & Chow, J. (2006). Methods and challenges of analyzing spatial data for social work problems: The case of examining child maltreatment geographically. Social Work Research, 30(4), 198-210.

Availability and Accessibility of Services

Freisthler, B. Need for and access to supportive services in the Child Welfare System. Online First August 25, 2011, GeoJournal.

Abrams, L.S. & Freisthler, B. (2010). A spatial analysis of risks and resources for reentry youth in Los Angeles. Journal of the Society for Social Work and Research, 1(1), 41-55.