Understanding the Role of Context-Specific Drinking in Neglectful Parenting Behvaviors

Dr. Freisthler will be presenting on her work related to child neglect and alcohol useĀ at the Research Society on Alcoholism conference in Seattle on Monday.

Child neglect remains the most prevalent reason children and families become involved with the child welfare system in the United States, yet little is known about the role of drinking contexts as related to neglectful parenting. The current study examines whether or not a dose-response relationship exists in five drinking contexts for four subtypes of child supervisory neglect and three subtypes of child physical neglect. Data from a general population telephone survey of 3,023 parents in 50 California cities were analyzed. Multilevel random effects logit models of the frequency and continued volume of drinking, in total and across five drinking contexts, on physical and supervisory neglect were used. Results suggest that frequency of drinking, but not drinking excessively or to intoxication, puts children at greatest risk for being neglected.